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Many years of active presence in the industry have helped us build an impressive portfolio of products with our original code. From well-established companies to bootstrapped startups - we have been supporting businesses by delivering quality code and UX consulting.


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Earn cashback on every online purchase.

Picodi helps users save money on their purchases. The app allows users to receive a cashback on the items they buy from participating stores. With Picodi, users can easily track their purchases and get a portion of their money back, making shopping more convenient and affordable.

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What Our Clients Say?


We implemented the first version of our mobile application in React Native in cooperation with TheWidlarzGroup. A major asset was exceptional and efficient communication; feedback was applied immediately, and the development team was effective and involved from start to end. Especially the innovative team selection model, which ensured high-quality service at a reasonable (although not low) price, deserved notice. Our cooperation was very professional and if I had to do it all over again, I would choose TWG.

Piotr Szacinski

Co-Founder & CTO @SmartCourt

The team cares about the outcome of their work which is the final product. I would call it a product-centric software development and if I were to choose a team for my next project, I would choose The Widlarz Group. They are not just implementers, but also a reliable IT partner that I can trust. Software developers from the team know what they do, and they have created solutions with flexibility and extensibility in mind so that the code is future-proof. The service involved end-to-end software development, and the team has helped us with the design, quality, and mobile and web app development, all of the team members are smart and communicate well. Also, the team is well-organized, you can just sit down and see the product growing.

Christian Schultheiss

Technical Coordinator @Talentbay

I don't know how other companies throw estimates on clients. Probably out of a hat! This is how it should be done, fully professional



We can definitely see that you have worked hard, and we feel that it was definitely worth it relative to the results we received.



We came down to earth with our expectations and understood what we can and cannot do. Certainly the workshop systematized our visions and ideas, and highlighted the doubts we should have before jumping into the project.


Marketing Manager

We needed a solid partner to help us launch a new mobile app and make Picodi available in the mobile ecosystem. Had a functional scope defined, the API and the assets mostly ready, but did not have much experience in mobile development. Also, didn’t have much time. That’s why we decided to partner with TWG to help us make that project a reality. Faced with a stringent deadline, The Widlarz Group delivered a mobile app that became a solid MVP of Picodi Cashback on mobile devices. Also technically the app kept very high standards and the CI/CD pipeline that was established during the development period made it quite easy to maintain at later stages as well. TWG was a very good support for our internal engineering team in a time when we needed a solid software quality and a very fast pace of development. I can definitely recommend TWG, especially for such cases

Bartłomiej Tyranowski

CTO at Picodi

Creators of the modern, fast, maintainable and performant React Native open source libs

Customizable, simple, animated in-app notification✨

table showing performance of rn-emoji-keyboard

Super performant, lightweight, fully customizable emoji picker 🚀

Supporting the community and giving back as much as possible. We are the silver sponsor of the App.js conference.

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Business Manager

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Tech Lead, Software Developer

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Tech Lead, Software Developer

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Tech Lead, Software Developer

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Administration & Operations

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IT Project Manager

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QA Engineer, Team Leader

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Software Developer, Team Leader

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