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Source: SmartCourt

Mobile tennis coach

SmartCourt is an innovative solution for every Tennis player. Anyone can check their progress and game statistics in real-time on the mobile app, playing on the court. The system is based on @NVIDIA technology and innovative proprietary algorithms.

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Meet The Team

He's the one who brought this whole team into fruition. Before TWG he’s been working with humans and with machines and he loves doing both. Daily responsibilities: dot-connecting, networking, problem-solving, mentoring, React Native advocation, and more. He hates toil and loves innovation. He's been a parkour athlete for 10years, now he's retired and enjoys other sports.


CEO & Software Developer

As a QA, I monitor the quality of mobile apps and websites. I like it because I can see the product evolving from one stage to another, and check if all functionalities are running properly. Mom of 4.5-year-old Jacob. Into Zakopower band, books, gardening. I love to spend time outside the city and prefer singing birds over street hustle.


QA Engineer

React and React Native enthusiast, currently responsible for our inside Academic project. Into bike rides, dodge coins, and other cryptocurrencies.


Software Developer

Into JavaScript, Typescript, and Elixir. For quite some time React Native has been consuming most of my days and this is for sure, without a doubt, lots of fun and excitement! Huge fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, a coffee addict, and a gym amateur after hours.


Software Developer

Craftsmanship. I passionately enjoy developing mobile and web applications. My greatest satisfaction comes from good architecture, clean code, and solving the problems at the source. Adrenaline junkie: ASG, MTB, rollerblading, climbing, bikepacking


Software Developer

Elixir developer and backend lead. I appreciate challenges and the ability to take big ownership. I care a lot about the quality of the code. Continuous learning is what I like about the IT world. I'm passionate about constructing mechanical keyboards and solving Rubik's cubes with a time limit. I'm preparing for a triathlon.


Software Developer

I am a Front-End developer, coding mainly in React and React Native. Teamwork is what I believe in and appreciate. I feel great satisfaction in participating in a project that grows continuously. Into sports, mainly gym, hiking, and cycling. Someday I’ll definitely jump with a parachute.


Software Developer

I am the right hand of the boss. I do everything that is not programming. My responsibilities include administration. I’m currently helping with the recruitment process and organizing everything that could improve work in our team. I love working remotely. In my private life, I am a beagle dog breed lover.


Executive Assistant

I'm a UX/UI Designer with a marketing and graphic design background. I solve user problems and take care of the overall appearance of apps. Music, yoga, and surf skating addict.


UX/UI Designer

I’m responsible for front-end, which means working mainly with React and React Native. Besides freelancing it’s my first full-time job. The greatest asset in my position is remote working and a great team. My free time is consumed mainly by exercising, playing video games, reading books.


Software Developer

React Developer and web enthusiast. Hitchhiker in JavaScript world, who is trying to load knapsack with fancy objects. I believe in people and nice code. Chocolate lover. Football and tabletop games amateur. Nature observer after hours.


Software Developer

I’m a front-end developer who believes that the first idea might not always be the best one, but mostly this can lead you to perfection. Curiosity - this word describes me the best. A bookworm, in love with snowboard, swimming, roller skating, bike rides. I like to learn new things!


Software Developer

I am a software developer, mainly focused on React and React Native. Open Source enthusiast and active contributor. Into all kinds of series and spontaneous trips with friends. Freshman snowboarder and pizza lover.


Software Developer

I’m a full-stack developer writing mostly in TypeScript. Fascinated with algorithmics and optimization. Big fan of Linux, free software and Nassim Taleb.


Software Developer

I'm a front-end developer working with React and React Native. I make sure to challenge myself daily and learn new skills that will help me achieve my goals. I spend my free time either reading, watching good movies or discovering new places. I'm also a winter sports enthusiast.


Software Developer

I am a UX/UI Designer with an interest in accessibility and simplifying everyday life through design. I also love graphic design, the 90s, generative design and Basquiat.


UX/UI Designer

As a detail-oriented person, I found myself in a QA role. I like to observe how the product evolves and changes to meet the client’s requirements. An enthusiast of fresh air activities who likes bike trips and winter swims in a freezing sea.


QA Engineer

From Getting In Touch To Addressing Your Needs


1. Discovery

We get to know each other and learn the ins and outs of your business so we can provide the best solution to address your needs.


2. Implementation

This stage is all about troubleshooting and delivering solutions.


3. Evaluation

After the agreed period of time, we evaluate progress and adjust accordingly..

We Keep Choosing The Best Tools

We believe that we succeed when our clients succeed.

We have delivered multiple web and mobile apps using various tech stack. Of all those which we have tried and tested, we can highly recommend React and React Native for building beautiful, user-friendly interfaces in a fast and affordable way.

We keep browsing the market for new technologies to provide you with continuously enhanced effectiveness of software development.

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