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Source: SmartCourt


Mobile tennis coach

SmartCourt is an innovative solution for every Tennis player. Anyone can check their progress and game statistics in real-time on the mobile app, playing on the court. The system is based on @NVIDIA technology and innovative proprietary algorithms.

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Proofreading tool for German

A digital writing assistant powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, which allows to write in German without any mistakes and learn the language at the same time. It fixes grammar errors, eliminates errors in orthography and punctuation, allows to create, collaborate and organize texts.

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Source: flexVOUCHER


Financial and bonus programs platform

With flexVOUCHER, participants can use bonus points collected from employee bonus programs for their personal bonus. The process is plain and simple - submit an invoice and get your expenses reimbursed to your account within just a few days.

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Golf club application

Always keep your club card at hand. Thanks to the dgv application, you have access to your card on your phone in both Apple Wallet and Google Pay. On top of that, once a month you can take part in a competition where you can win unique prizes. Verify your digital identity quickly and safely with Verimi Provider.

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Source: talentbay


Social and recruitment platform

talentbay wants to help people: by creating communities. These communities create a knowledge-sharing space across all specialist areas. But also careers. With talentbay, career planning becomes a sure-fire success. And the search for young talents is even easier!

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Audio Player

Each morning start your day with MUNE to balance your mind and elevate your vibe. Choose your trainer and discover new songs. The application uses the latest React Native technologies to build a unique look and feel.

React NativeReact Native Track PlayerReact QueryReact Hook Form

Source: https://apps.apple.com/

Cara Care

Medical Device, Tracker

Cara Care is a medical device in Europe. Soon, doctors in Germany will be able to prescribe Cara Care to their patients. The application has a large user base and strict regulations. We place a special emphasis on testing and safety.

React NativeRedux ObservableTypescriptPhoenix JS

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AWS audits

Do you know what's in the Cloud? thermite.red audits Amazon Web Services accounts and provides you with insight into what services have been deployed, where they are located, and how they are configured.

React HooksRedux-SagaAWSReact Table 7

Source: https://apps.apple.com


Video and Audio messenger app

An app that allows users to connect via audio and video call and chat in 2017 in React Native? Although it was a huge challenge to access numbers of native APIs and make the app responsive even if in background, it was possible!

React NativeWebRTCTypeScript

Source: http://logos.wikia.com License: All Rights Reserved.


Online ordering React app

Thousands of Red Rooster customers use their app to order food daily. It was vital that the app worked seamlessly on any kind of device and browser.

ReactRedux SagaES6Material UI

Source: https://play.google.com/


Bitt - digital currency wallet

Handling money is hard. Handling digital money is even harder. There's no place for even the smallest bugs in beta. The whole software system is connected to fiat money and users entrust the app with handling their finances. As if this were not enough, the app is obliged to local financial law.

React & React NativeGraphQLKotlin/Swift

Source: https://play.google.com/


Video Streaming Platform

Everybody knows Netflix. TV.AE was created to address similar needs in Middle East. The content was secured with DRM. Data has been accessed via GraphQL.

Native AndroidKotlinGraphQLDRM

Source: https://facebook.com


Gamification, Bluetooth and GPS based

Huntly was an event planning company, helping to turn conferences into entertaining events. The app used various APIs: Bluetooth for recognizing beacons, GPS for location-based challenges, scanning QR code to unlock quests.

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