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How to set video as a background in React Native application

January 25, 2024

react native

react native video


video background

Explore step-by-step guidance on integrating video backgrounds into your React Native applications using the react-native-video library. This article provides practical tips and code examples to enhance your app's UI with dynamic video elements, suitable for both beginners and experienced developers in React Native.

React Native Video on VisionOS

January 19, 2024

react native video

vision os

react native


Exploring the intersection of React Native Video and VisionOS, this article offers a detailed roadmap for developers looking to harness the power of React Native for video viewing and manipulation in the VisionOS environment.

Our React Native toolbox: 24 essential tools for developers in 2024

January 15, 2024

react native tools

react native


Explore 24 tools that every React Native developer needs in 2024!

Deep Links, Universal and Asset Links

December 06, 2022

react native


universal links

deep links

asset links

app links

Do you want to dive deep into the topic of Deep Links, Universal Links and App Links? Wait no more and take a read!

Errors handling with RN Notificated

August 09, 2022

errors handling

react native


react native notificated


Have you ever wondered what is the best way to handle errors in Your app? RN Notificated seems to be an answer for Your doubts. Fully customized, fast, and most importantly easy to use!

Create Spotify heart animation with Reanimated 2 - tutorial

June 08, 2022

react native

reanimated 2



Let's make it obvious - even simple animations can take your app to a whole new level. The problem is not whether it is worth adding animations but how to make them. Reanimated 2 is a great and really useful library. Let me show you also how simple it can be!

Build and release your app with Fastlane!

January 05, 2022



react native


continuous deployment

In this article you will learn how to save your time. Try out this Fastlane setup for both Android and iOS!

React Native Modals

December 10, 2021


react native


react native modal

Modals to the rescue for boring products! In this article I will show you how to create awesome, cool looking and functional modals in react-native with one of the most popular library, which is react-native-modal!

Make your custom charts with react-native-svg-charts and typescript. Step-by-step tutorial

September 14, 2021



react native


React-native-charts-svg - you need nothing more to display data in your application. This article will help you understand how to create different types of charts, and personalize them. Tutorial step by step!

Custom color picker animation with React Native Reanimated v2

September 08, 2021

react native reanimated


color picker

react native


It'll guide you through the process of creating a color picker animation using React Native Reanimated v2 hooks: useSharedValue, useAnimatedGestureHandler, useAnimatedStyle.

Creating custom animated bottom tab and drawer navigation

July 19, 2021




react native


I'll show you my way of handling React Native app navigation and we'll build application with custom animated bottom navigation tab.

NextJS SSR - JWT (Access/Refresh Token) Authentication with external Backend

June 10, 2021







Want to build your own cookie based authentication system in NextJS with SSR? In this article we will cover how to do it using access token + refresh token from our external backend!

Draggable elements with React-dnd

May 13, 2021

Drag and Drop


React Query

Mirage JS


Shopping list with draggable UI elements and mocked backend with Mirage JS. React Query to sync UI with the backend.

Recreating Quibi's cards swipe animation with React Native and Reanimated

February 17, 2021

react native




Whether you heard about an app called Quibi or not, it definitely has this cool animated card list. In this article we will try to recreate it with React Native and Reanimated library!

Pimp your VS Code

September 14, 2020


When I switched from Webstorm to VS Code, I wanted to make it as similar as possible. During the time, I noticed that doesn't make sense. VS Code has a much more robust workflow, it just needs a few changes, about which you will read in this article.

Reanimated 2 - the new approach to creating animations in React Native

August 27, 2020

react native

reanimated 2



Reanimated 2 - exploring the new API to creating animations in React Native. Find out the new hooks, build custom useSlider hook, and get an understanding of animation techniques in this step by step guide.

React Native - device type dependent orientation

July 11, 2020

react native


native setup


A short guide on how to setup the app orientation depending on the device type - for both Android and iOS.

Recreating the OLX animation with React Native and Reanimated library

July 01, 2020

react native




Lately, the OLX (popular shopping app/service in Poland), updated its mobile app. First app open showed every user this simple, cool animation. See it being recreated with Reanimated library in React Native!

Multistep form handling in React Native with Finite State Machines, Formik and TypeScript

June 17, 2020

form handling

state machines


react native


React Native, XState, Formik and Yup - handling a multistep form with these tools seems really interesting and fun. If you are wondering how one can utilize them in their own mobile app, give it a read!

React Table 7 - Hooks Based Library

May 15, 2020


react table 7



React Table 7 - hooks based library to create beautiful, custom tables in React. Build a fully-fledged table step by step with us, implement the most common features like sorting, filtering, pagination and more. Learn how v7 is different from v6.


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